6 comments on “No, I Haven’t Dropped Off The Face Of The Earth Again

  1. I just completed the elite 4, you have some serious catching up to do.

    I lost one team member, Kenneth my Manetric, to Steven’s Mega Metagross. All other team members came through without any issue.

    Arturo acquitted himself particularly well. I’m looking forward to using him to crush your puny Treeko.

    I must now train Kenneth’s replacement before our battle.

    I’m going overseas on the 19th of May and return on the 4th of June. You reckon you’ll have your squad of misfits ready by then?

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    • Just doing research on who should replace Kenneth. My initial thought was the Beldum that Steven gives you, but I need to finish the Delta Episode do get it. Big risk going up against Rayquazza and Doexys, hoping for no deaths. The payoff would be huge though, Mega Metagross is a fantastic pokemon.

      The only other options I have left where I haven’t captured anything are a couple of sea routes, Sea Mauville, New Mauville, Mirage Island and Mirage Mountain.

      Not sure that it matters anyway. I’m pretty sure Arturo and Charles will take care of anything you can throw at me.

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  2. So I decided to try for the Spiritomb at Sea Mauville. It did not go well. The Spiritomb hated me so much that it killed itself with momento rather than let me catch it.

    It leaves me with few choices. I’m still unwilling to risk completing the Delta Episode just to get the Beldum.

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