2 comments on “Nuzlocke News

  1. My team is battle hardened, having seen many of their compatriots die in their journey so far.

    Charles the Swampert thirsts for the blood of the Avain King.
    Arturo the Machamp sees victory as his manifest destiny.
    Doris the Azumarill farts and hopes nobody notices.

    So far there have been only 2 deaths that really hurt:
    – Elizabeth the Zubat died at about level 17. I was really looking forward to using a Tailwind Golbat against you, so I really disappointed. She was killed by a Linoone’s 5 x hit, 2 x crit fury swipes. Pretty unlucky I thought.
    – Mavis the Numel. She rolled Simple as her ability, which I’m pretty sure goes to Solid Rock when evolved into Camerumpt. She was kicking arse and taking names, until I got to the ‘one-hit’ room in Norman’s gym. Unsurprisingly, she was one-hit.

    The other big disappointment was that I was lucky enough to get a Skarmory appear as my first poke in whatever area it was, only to run out of ultra balls and be forced to kill it. Nuzlocke runs require a lot of money to be spent on potions, and honestly I didn’t think I’d need more than 10 to catch one pokemon. I was wrong. I also failed to catch an Electrike before then (I think Oddish appeared first…yay…), so had nothing with Thunder Wave to make it easier.

    Luckily got an Electrike to appear later on a different route though 🙂

    Have you even decided on a starter yet? Will you imitate Charles and take a Swampert? Or try to counter with a Sceptile? Fire Chicken is easily the best of the 3, but damn fragile for a Nuzlocke run and has no hope against Charles. Then again, it can pretty much take out 2 of the elite 4 on its own plus the pesky Mega Metagross at the end.

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