4 comments on “It’s Gotten Quiet Again

  1. I caved and renewed my PSN Plus account at the last minute so I could grab The Swapper and inFAMOUS: First Light before they left. I’m glad I did too, because one of this month’s freebies, Apotheon, looks fantastic. Rogue Legacy and Transistor are free as well, and both are amazing, so that’s just icing on the cake.

    I still can’t talk myself in to playing DayZ or H1Z1 yet. Someday.

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    • Yea, you did a good thing in renewing. You got some real gems out of it.

      H1Z1 needs more time before it’s really ready to go out on its own. The main thing giving me hope for it is that SOE is backing it and they’re the ones responsible for DCUO, which is one of my all time favorite games.

      DayZ itself is still good times. It can either be boring or heart-pounding depending on the server, how many players, what mod, whatever. I’ve been playing the Epoch mod and it’s awesome. Definitely a huge step up from the original mod. Don’t get me wrong, DayZ on the Arma II engine is still a buggy ass mess, it always will be, but it’s still fun. I haven’t tried the stand alone, but might next time it goes on sale. The group I usually play with have all played it and still say the mod is better than the stand alone, so, definitely something to consider.


      • So that’s what that was about, but yea, just give H1Z1 some time before you drop any cash on it.

        And I don’t see why they wouldn’t take DCUO to the XBox, it was ported to PC for launch anyway.


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