8 comments on “Newsy Updatey Thingy

    • Yea, I’m only half an hour into it, though. I mean, I’m bored senseless, but a friend said to wait until I get the mutators (?) and it gets better. I just don’t know how long I have to play for that.

      Yea, I’m excited for The Line. Raf said not to read anything about it, just experience it first hand, which is good advice, because that’s how I usually roll anyway.


      • Once you unlock different weapons and perks, Bastion is phenomenal. It’s not that much of a slow burn though. You can beat it in just a handful of hours, so if you don’t like it now, it probably won’t sell you on it much later. I’d say give it a chance though. It was one of my favorite games of last generation.

        Definitely don’t spoil The Line.


      • So far I’ve unlocked some kind of really fast sword that does bleed damage and that’s kind of cool. I’m definitely giving it a chance, I do have that “play for more than an hour” rule.

        Hyped for The Line. Yeeeeeeeeees.


      • I loved, loved, LOVED the dual-wield pistols and the giant hammer. So much fun. Hopefully it turns your opinion around at some point, lol.


      • Hopefully, because I’m disappointed that I’m not having the fun other people said they were having. lol

        I’ll have to get to it in a bit. I just finished proof-reading RE6, RE:Rev reviews, and started the RE HD REmaster one. Burn that midnight oil, right?


      • I’m currently writing my review of Meltdown as we speak, so I know that feeling all too well, my friend.

        Sometimes it’s not the game that’s bad, it’s just bad timing. Moods and whims can make playing something a struggle if you’re just not in the mood for it. If you’re not digging Bastion right now, I wouldn’t recommend just muscling through it for the sake of a review. Let it simmer, play something else, and come back to it later. That helps me appreciate games more.


      • That’s a good point. Maybe I’ll do The Swapper instead. That’s a game I feel I didn’t get enough of when I mucked around with it a few weeks back.

        Good advice, sir.

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