10 comments on “Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition

      • Yea, I remember my stepdad having a laugh at my expense the first time he watched me go through the dog hallway. RE2 has always been my favorite, but there’s a special place in my heart for the first one.

        I’m so pumped for the HD Remaster!

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      • Haha yea number two stepped it up, to be honest most of the original titles (not the branch outs they did) were original and had the formula we expected from Capcom, even at full 3D in number four, with new mechanics yet again, had you fumbling the controller and getting it, bitie style.


      • The controls were my worst enemy in 4. lol I think the problem is that they were too much like the original games’ controls, and that didn’t translate well to a full 3D environment.

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  1. Yep, once you got used to it, it wasn’t so bad. I was using a control originally, but for this review it was a mouse and keyboard. That made the game infinitely more entertaining for me, and more accessible as well.


    • Yep, my main issue with them wasn’t that, though. I actually love the tank controls. It’s the aiming that always gave me hassle.

      My final throw down with this poor game is tomorrow. Finally closing that chapter for good. 🙂


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