20 comments on “Pokemon X and Y’s Wonder Trade And You (Vox Rants)

      • Probably a noob question, but is there actually a way to obtain a Charmander aside from that point in the game where you can choose one of the three original starters?

        I guess more importantly I’m asking if there is a way to get the other two starters outside of trading? I went with Charmander because I picked Chespin as my starter — I always pick the grass starter. I didn’t want to have 2 of them, so I skipped Bulb.


      • Nah, that’s the only way. If you’d like, I can breed the others for you. My FC is 0791-2604-7418 (I’ve been meaning to put it here but keep forgetting)

        Grass Pokemon is best Pokemon!


      • I just picked up the Cliff Badge, so I’m pretty early in the game still. I didn’t even know you could breed in the game to be honest lol.

        My FC is 3625-9905-4993 if you want to toss me a friend request. I’ll add you later today when I have access to my 3DS.

        I remember you saying you have a PS3, 3DS and otherwise mostly classic consoles, but if you want to toss me an add on PS3 I’m on PSN as PepperedSnoot.


      • Nice! I enjoyed that gym quite a bit when I ran through it.

        Yep, breeding abounds! I’ve spent far, far, faaaaaar too much time doing it. Er…wait…whateveryouknowwhatImean…

        Awesomesauce, just added you on mine, and I’ll shoot you an friend invite on the PS3 next time I’m on it. My name on there is the same as it is here and pretty much everywhere else. Also, PepperedSnoot? That’s awesome.


      • Yeah, it’s a reference to Alice: Madness Returns. My girlfriend and I had just finished it on the 360 when I got my PS3 and we didn’t know what to name our profile so we went with that.

        I really only use my PS3 anymore for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, so I’m rarely on it as it is. The only other games I need to go through on that console are Ni no Kuni and Lightning Returns, and I don’t see myself diving in to either in the near future lol.


      • I’ve never played the Alice games but my brother enjoyed them a lot, if I remember right. Either way, that’s a perfectly good reason for the name!

        I know what you mean, my PS3 has been assigned “You play Red Dwarf all the time” duty. Puts a bit of a stopper on my RE review series, but I’ll get around to it…someday.


      • RE will always be there when you get the itch to write about it again, so I wouldn’t sweat it.

        Alice: Madness Returns was pretty underrated I think, but I dig American McGee’s style a bit more than most.


      • That’s true! Unfortunately, that means RE4 will still be there as well.

        Well, to be fair, it’s a pretty neat style. Just sayin’.


      • I do love me some RE4, but that’s probably the last one I enjoyed. RE5 had its moments when I played it co-op, but I still haven’t finished RE6. Actually, Leon was the only chapter I finished and then I shelved it.


      • RE4 for me still stands as the only one I don’t like. I’m backwards as hell, apparently. lol

        I loved 5, and really loved 6 until I played 5, then 6 just became “meh.” You’re not really missing much, honestly. Everyone winds up in that shitty China area doing different things. Mercs was fun, though.

        Oh, and I’m doing up an article right now where you, sir, get a shoutout (name drop?) in a picture caption.


      • Lol, I’m honored really. Thanks!

        I grew up on the originals and really loved them as a survival horror series. Once it became more of a shooter, it kind of died out for me. I guess that’s why I started with Leon and then just gave up afterwards in RE6. My favorite part of RE5 was photobombing the cinematics playing as bondage outfit Chris. Heavy Metal I think the costume was called?

        Revelations was a nice trip down memory lane though. It also had some rad Gamepad features on the Wii U.


      • And it’s live!

        I’m right there with you. I was way too young to be playing the first one, but my stepdad and I would spend Saturday nights playing RE. Good times.

        Leon definitely had the closest to classic campaign in 6, and I’m a Chris fanboy, but his just…sucked. I hate J’uavo. You’re probably thinking about his Warrior costume. Heavy Metal looks like Paladin Power Armor from Fallout.

        Agreed, I enjoyed my time with RE:Rev. Except for those arm-harpoon-shooting bastards. Those guys sucked. Did you have to use the scanner with the Wii U pad? Sounds like it’d be a perfect thing to add to it. I wound up needing a Circle Pad Pro to play it on 3DS, which still felt wonky.


      • It works great in Revelations, but ZombiU.. yeah.. completely terrifying. You basically pop in to a new room, use your scanner to get a feel for your surroundings and you can “ping” your Gamepad to track some enemies.

        Sometimes, though.. sometimes you whip out your scanner in dark areas and end up face to face with something that is hungry for facemeats.


      • Fatal Frame 1 and 2 are probably the most terrifying games I’ve ever played in my life, so I understand lol. Good God, every time you open a door some ghost runs by you. It was very Japanese in the sense where you always felt alert and uneasy because of the mood and the setting rather than constant jump scares because of zombies bashing down doors or smashing through windows. I loved it.. but I constantly felt like I was going to involuntarily piss myself.


      • Exactly! I really love Asian horror (Thai specifically) but that game? Nope. Nuh uh, ain’t doing it unless I’m hammered. I mean I love the game for those exact reason but I think it’s a spectator sport for me.


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